Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Black Eyes For My Beloved Air Force

Instapundit, Austin Bay and Strategypage are discussing a story about how USAF brass are preventing airmen from wearing decorations awarded for combat on the ground, specifically the Marine Corps Action Ribbon and the Combat Action Badge. Why would they do that? The short ugly answer is that the Air Force is run by pilots who place little value on ground combat, at least for the Air Force. This is b.s. plain and simple. Not that any award will replace a missing leg or for that matter get you a cup of coffee if you don't have a dollar, but to prevent the display of awards earned in combat by those who didn't sully themselves in the same, shows that the Air Force brass need to get their head out of the clouds and their ass on the ground, because one day - God Forbid - when they're jetting about in some multi million dollar temperature controlled aircraft that meets some pernicious AAA, the guy's that will jump into to rescue them are going to be Air Force ground pounders.

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