Friday, January 20, 2006

Global Warming Bad For Blacks

One would think that with all the problems the black community faces, one needn't get creative to find new ones. Well think again. Apparently global warming could spell disaster for blacks, at least according to Bruce Britt. That's right GWB's pet project, global warming, is the newest threat to a community besieged by lack of opportunity, employment, education, health care, safe affordable housing etc.
There is no doubt that the mean temperature of the earths atmosphere is increasing, why this is so is far from certain. It seems to me that singling out a given group as being particularly at risk can only be a political rather than scientific exercise and therefore helpful to no one. I would argue further that in the black community a 10% increase in high school graduation, a 10% reduction in unemployment, a 10% increase in two parent homes, 10% decrease in smoking and high blood pressure and a 10% reduction in violent crime are all at once attainable and infinitely more beneficial to blacks than any reduction of global warming.

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