Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pay Attention There's A Quiz At The End

An artist who chained his legs together to draw a picture of the image hopped 12 hours through the desert after realizing he lost the key and couldn't unlock the restraints, authorities said Wednesday.
Trevor Corneliusien, 26, tightly wrapped and locked a long, thick chain around his bare ankles Tuesday while camping in an abandoned mine shaft about five miles north of Baker, San Bernardino County sheriff's Deputy Ryan Ford said.
"It took him over 12 hours because he had to hop through boulders and sand," Ford said. "He did put on his shoes before hopping."
The artist, who is from the area, often sketched images inside mines in the Southwest. He had finished his drawing Tuesday when he realized he didn't have the key.

Here's the quiz:
How would you describe the actions of Trevor Corneliusien?
a. Yet another example of an artist suffering for his art.
b. An unfortunate event that could have befallen anyone who happens to chain himself up in the wilderness.
c. I don't know how but I'm sure it's the fault of George Bush for not funding the arts in typical crypto-fascist fashion in an attempt to make the dessert that much hotter by having a poor artist jump around making global warming worse - Kyoto somehow good, Haliburton everyone knows is bad, I can't believe you actually believe that, no Nancy Pelosi doesn't always look surprised that's a sexist comment I bet you eat veal and are anti choice, what's that baseball bat for?
d. A testament to the high quality of American chain making.
e. Jebus, what a jackass!

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