Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ann Coulter: Friend or Foe

Foe. Though we may technically be in the same camp on a lot of issues and I would much rather look at her than Al Franken, I can not stand her stridency and bomb throwing.
I would like to think that the most liberal wiener in Berkeley and I want more or less the same things in this world, we just differ on how to go about getting them. Nobody wants bad schools, hunger, disease or war. As a conservative I believe that accountability, free markets and a robust national defense will help ameliorate all these problems. A very liberal person would probably differ, to say the least. Short of open warfare we each have to deal with each other in such a manner that common ground may be found. The Ann Coulters of this world preclude that possibility.
George Will, Paul Gigot and Thomas Sowell are conservatives who know their stuff, stick to their guns and keep the discourse civil. Coulter could learn a lot from these guys.


zaphod said...

If you're hoping to find common ground with a liberal from Berkeley, it's probably a good idea to not call him (or her) a "weiner".

As for Coulter, she's also not my cup of tea. Seems to me, however, she expands the possibility for one to find common ground with your hypothetical Berkeley liberal. "YOU have a problem with her rhetoric? So do I! Guess we have a lot in common afterall! Buy me another beer you big weiner you..."

displacedriverrat said...

i feel the same way about Michael Moore - bad for the cause. maybe he & Ann could get together & have some normal sized children. i do think the world needs its extremists on some level, though. if for nothing else than to make the rational-minded among us appear as such.

CultMan said...

Well, I would have thought for a man of your sense of humor and eclectic opinions, that Coulter, Limbaugh, Savage, et al would have been more entertaining. Surely you must realize they not only fulfill the role of "court clowns", but they do so while precisely pointing to ours and others foibles. Al Franken & jon Stewart attempt to do this, but rarely even acheive the 1/2-3/4 comedy of a "Colbert Report". I guess you find South Park boring..... I am truly surprised: that someone who can claim The Clash, The Pogues, and The Cure as significan musical influences; that someone who can claim The Lord of the Flies, Runaway Bunny, and other great/minor schlock; and that some one who can claim Repo Man (remember the South Hartford showing, the best of times?!?), & Ordinary People, & Full Metal Jacket might be more inclined to welcome a breadth of entertainment modalities. With much disaffection about this, but with Love & Peace in the Immaculate Heart of Mary & Her Son, timmmmaaaaay.