Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cartoon Protesters Direct Their Anger At The US

No it's not Ren, nor is it Stimpy, it's our good friends over in the "Arab Street" who seem to be perpetually pissed at one thing or another. My question for the "Arab Street" is how's that working for you? When my people had just finished worshipping trees you lived in paved cities, invented the university and pondered the intricacies of algebra, a science I barley understand today. But what have you done to better your lot on this planet in the last 600 years or so? 90% of your doctoral graduates study Islam. Since the invention of movable type a mere 800 books have been translated into Arabic. To put that into perspective that's roughly the number of books translated into Spanish from English each year. What diseases have been cured by your new drugs? How is your space program going? Why does every Arabic country except for Jordan refuse to allow Palastinian refugees to settle in their country?
In short you have alot to be angry about, but a cartoon wouldn't be at the top of my list. Demand change from those who would govern you.

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Dexter said...

Strange times when Hamas is a voice of reason and urging calm.