Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney Shoots Lawyer, Dems Shoot Foot

So, Dick Cheney accidentally peppered his hunting partner with bird shot form his 28 gauge shotgun. Accidents will happen when you do your own shooting.
Some anti-gun nitwit will comment on the Vice Presidents use of such a large gauge shotgun, saying something like " why didn't he use a 12 gauge?" and in doing so, coyly impugn Cheney's manhood and demonstrate his or her profound ignorance.
The stink being made over this will in the near and the long term elevate most American's opinion of Dick Cheney. After all who hasn't accidentally peppered a lawyer with bird shot or wanted to?
The Dems will overplay this. They are Midas in reverse, not that this is a solid gold opportunity, but instead of making the Veep look reckless or gun happy, they will appear opportunistic and penurious. Too bad Tom Daschle isn't around to tell us how he is deeply concerned and profoundly saddened.
I'll go out on limb here and offer some advice to the opposition party. We get it, you don't like the president or anyone he may or may not truck with. You oppose whatever he supports, okay fine. Now what are you for, other than whatever GWB is against? When you figure that out, hold a press conference and let us know.

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Dexter said...

I doubt anyone beyond the late night circuit will view this as anything more than fodder for jokes.I think the only missed opportunity here is that Whittington wasn't in a postion to return fire a la Alexander Hamilton. The only one who seemed to not having fun with this (besides Whittington) was Scott McClellan until today.