Friday, February 03, 2006

Dumb Ass Gets Killed By Bear

Timothy Treadwell was an "eco warrior" who was killed along with his poor girlfriend Amie Huguenard by a bear in October of 2003. How did this sad fate befall this former actor and drug addict and his unfortunate cohort? Were they stranded in the wilderness by cruel fate and left to fend for themselves against unequivocal nature ala the so so Anthony Hopkins movie "The Edge"? No he was a dumb ass tree hugger who thought it was clever to be transgressive and cohabitate with bears. While he purported to be an advocate and a protector of all things ursine , it was his asinine behavior that directly caused the death of two bears who had to be shot to recover his partially eaten body. Here's a news flash bear kibble boy, bears are wild animals - do not try to touch them, do not name them, you do not have a "spiritual connection" with them, to them you are food.
When man interacts with nature something or someone always gets hurt. Whether it's the brown trout who is caught and released, the Yellowstone bear who gets fat on human garbage, or the weekend warrior who takes a header off a bike trail, the idea that you can wander into the wilderness and become one with nature simply isn't true. We are of two separate worlds, Treadwell knew this but thought somehow he could transcend it. He was wrong. The only sad thing about this story is that two innocent animals had to be destroyed because of his stupidity. Maybe Treadwell got what he wanted in some bizarre way, how else do you explain his behavior?


Dexter said...

Three innocents if you count the girlfriend. I still want to see the Herzog documentary about this.

Yogi Bear said...

I beg to differ on your cynical view of the relationship between us Bears and humans, Ranger Smith is a real s.o.b though. Please take the time to listen to this fine tune some wily Scots came up with while visiting me at Jelly stone. It is amazing what a couple of pints and a good single malt can do to bring two species together

zaphod said...

How else to explain his behavior? How about severe depression? I saw Herzog's documentary on Discovery the other night. It was clear the man was not well.
Treadwell was wrong and he paid for it with his life.