Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Monkey Gone Mad

When I was a little kid I always wanted a monkey so I could be like Tarzan. Apparently chimpanzees are a hell of a lot more dangerous than it would appear. Do a google search on chimp attack and you'll see what I mean.
BTW he's holding the gun all wrong, silly monkey.


Dexter said...

Rememeber shooting at Pagan's house? It was the first time I fired a handgun despite being in the Army and the slide on your Glock almost took my thumb off. Good times. (I should clarify we were shooting with Pagan in back of his house, it was not some religous persecution thing.)

MGM said...

We in the band would just like to say, as cute as the game "Monkey See, Monkey Do" is, when performed by actual monkeys, we do not condone the use of firearms among any of our furry, or not-so-furry, ape friends. We do ask that Jimmy (the chimp pictured above), put down the gun, and come back and dance with us again. It doesn't have to end like this, Jimmy.

MGM (again) said...

Not sure why the preview looked fine, and then when we clicked "publish", it removed our name and the closing link tag. It should read "We in the band Monkey Gone Mad". Ahh well.