Friday, February 03, 2006

Tasmanian Tiger

I love Tasmanian Tigers or Thylacines and pray they are not extinct. There have been some credible sightings in the last few years so I guess there is always hope. If they are extinct we should clone them back into existence, concerns about paranoid chaos theories be damned.
Aren't they beautiful? Wouldn't you like to have one, or better yet a pack of them to hector your nemesis with? Unfortunately they don't do well in captivity and your local animal control officer would probably frown on the keeping of large, nearly extinct carnivores. Like a lot of other Australian animals this creature looks like he was designed by a part time committee. Rear legs like a kangaroo, stripes like a tiger and a powerful double hinged jaw. Of course it's a marsupial, the largest carnivorous marsupial since the extinction of the Thylacoleo or marsupial 'lion'. Drop me a line if you happen to see one.

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Napoleon Dynamite said...

Your Tasmanian Tiger cant hold a candle to the greatest feline ever to prowl the earth! A Liger has much better killing skills than that half mut.