Sunday, February 19, 2006

Tolerance For The Intolerant?

At first glance I thought he was talking about the PC crowd but Tigerhawk refers to Muslims who demand tolerance, while being entirely intolerant of others.
The cartoon intifada has taught us that Muslims all over the world believe that they have the religious obligation to reach in to Western countries and nullify our most cherished rights. Not only does the "Muslim street" think this, but we have endured the absurd spectacle of Arab kings lecturing the Danes and other Europeans about respect.
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zaphod said...

Or as Michael Kinsley wrote recently in Slate:

"... Some Christians believe they are required to wear particular sorts of clothing. Some Jews and Muslims don't eat pork. They don't claim that their religion requires other people to wear special clothing or avoid eating pork. Tolerance and ecumenism can only do so much. They have nothing to offer a Muslim in Afghanistan who is personally insulted and enraged about an image that appears in a newspaper in Denmark..."