Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My New Ride

I finally got rid of my 1995 Honda Accord EX which has served us so well since 2000. When we were married in 1998 I had a Toyota 4X4 pickup which I liked a lot. When we knew Aidan was coming, I had to get something a little more family friendly so we looked around for a dependable car with four doors. It was kind of sad to see it go since we brought all three children home from the hospital in that one car, but then again it's just a car. Now with three kids, we needed something a little bit larger to haul them around with all their stuff. Mini vans are the most practical choice, but I just couldn't see myself waiting in front of Aidan's or Desmond's school with all the other "moms" in a damn mini van.
Mercury has this super lease deal going on, but I called 5 dealerships and either I got some gum snapping bimbo telling me "Tony's on break, YOU'RE GUNNA HAVE TO call back later" or some Gill like guy, desperate for this months vig, who knew nothing about it or anything else. This or something equally irksome happened at all 5 dealerships. I then went online to the Lincoln/Mercury website to inquire, where they assured me someone would contact me within the hour. No one did. No one ever did. A day later I got an email from Lincoln/Mercury asking how long it took to hear from somebody and if I was still interested. It must be frustrating for the marketing gurus who wonder why their cars are not selling. Here's a tip, tell your people about your promotions and then get them to answer the frigging phone.
I ended up buying a used 1997 Lexus LX450, which is just a posh version of the venerable Toyota Landcruiser. In my mind a used Lexus at less than half the price of a new Mercury is a better deal. Besides like the saying goes, everyone drives a used car.

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Dexter said...

All it need now is a Hillary '08 bumper sticker.