Sunday, March 19, 2006

People I'd Like To Have A Drink With

Preferably a live person with whom you could meet and spend an evening chewing the proverbial fat in your local pub. If I could get all these people together I would even spring for a couple of bottles of the good stuff, 33 year old Glendronach.
1. Christopher Hitchens
Love him or hate him, Hitch seems like a guy you might enjoy a pint or two with. You may have to argue with him if you want to pick up the tab.
2. Victor Davis Hanson
If your a fan of Western Civ, Hanson would be the man to bend an elbow with. If you want to know if Thermopylae predicted Samara somehow, Hanson would know.
3. Andrew Sullivan
Many, including me, think that Andrew Sullivan has gone all wobbly of late. He seemed to lose his mind when GWB didn't endorse same sex marriage, I'm not sure what he was thinking. Perhaps I could ask him over a few beers.
4. Camille Paglia
Always provocative Paglia would be an interesting addition to any bender. I know next to nothing about feminism it would be cool to hear her take on it.
5. Mark Steyn
Do you want informed opinion with humor? Few can deliver so much of both, plus he's Canadian which is like so exotic.
6. John McCain
I admire John McCain and would probably vote for him if given the chance. I'd love to tell him how much respect I have for him and then ask him what the hell he was thinking with McCain/Feingold, probably the worst legislation in my lifetime.
7&8 John Kerry and Al Gore
Not because I like them, but because it would be fun to get them both all liquored up and then goad them into crying about how close they both came and how they both lost to that stupid/evil/chimp/etc. GWB, then pants them and ditch them in a bad part of town. Good times, good times.


CultMan said...

El Duderino:

It is not surprising to me that, although we may disagree on minor points, I wholeheartedly agree with you here. Although voting for McCain would be the point of disagreement here. No way. But I believe I understand what your reasons might be....

But I find it somehow consoling to me that we would still agree on such a trivial and important matter....

Name the pub & time....I am there...

CultMan said...

Everyone else is spot on....yet still, I might include some folks like the creators of South Park (maybe not), or simply someone as predictable as the present Pope, or some up & coming R.C. bishop from N. America, in an alternate session....

Dexter said...

Just finished a Martin Amis memoir who is friends with the Hitch and takes him to task for his formaer Commie leanings in his book about Stalin. Amusing story in 'Experience' about Hitch pontificating about US-Israel policy to Saul Bellow.