Monday, April 03, 2006

Cynthia McKinney

What to make of this whole silly, sordid episode? Ms Mckinney would have us believe it's just another example of the man keeping her down. Possible, I think it's pretty much settled that blacks often have a rough time with the police, and vice versa. But a more likely scenario is that as a person who is used to getting her way, Mckinney over reacted when stopped by police. Ask any security guard, waiter or flight attendant who they most have problems with, other than drunks, it's hands down VIPs with an enormous sense of entitlement. If she did hit a police officer let the punishment fit the crime, just like any other citizen. If the cop was in the wrong and jacked her up in an unprofessional manner, he/she should be punished accordingly as well.

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