Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sleazebag/Dumbass of The Year

I know it's early but this yahoo may be hard to beat. Brian J. Doyle a deputy press security for the Department of Homeland Security was busted for talking dirty online to a undercover detective posing as a 14 year girl. What the hell was he thinking? Besides the whole ick factor and the morality thing, did this ostensibly intelligent man think he could engage in this behavior without consequence? What scares me is that he probably did, because he had been getting away with stuff like this for quite some time. It is indeed the unlucky felon who gets caught in the act of his first crime.
Note to parents: If your kid has internet access in their room and a web cam, what the hell are you thinking? Do you realize that anything you can find in the world, both sublime and horrible, can be found on the net and with a web cam those who would find your child have a window into their bedroom?

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