Friday, May 12, 2006

Arlington National Cemetery

Opened on May 13, 1864 on land confiscated from Robert E. Lee. If you never been there, you should go, it's a beautiful, hallowed place. I have a special affinity for Arlington National Cemetery, because in a quiet grove of trees, with a view of where Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, lies the cremains of my mother. My mom was buried there because my father was a career Army Air Corps/Air Force veteran, who due to his service is eligible for interment.
Most of the headstones at Arlington are nearly identical government issued white marble like the ones above. The General and the Private each the same in death. On each an emblem reflecting the religious beliefs of the fallen. I have seen lots of crosses of various denominations and occasional star of David and curiously a good amount of Angels of Moroni.

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CultMan said...

The place of my work as small business consultant in N. VA, DC, & MD -- spent many a lunch-hour there. Attended a "funeral" in 2003. Incredible, like visiting the cemeteries in Italy, etc, of WWII veteran deceased; Anzio in particular.....Humbling....

Ora pro nobis deum, Allelluia.