Tuesday, May 02, 2006

N.Y. Who's Your Papi?

Red Sox 7 Yankees 3

I hate it when Sox fans chant "Yankees Suck". It's especially stupid when they do it while playing a different team, so shut the hell up you drunk southy bastages. Let's get this straight, the Yankees are a first class organization. Derek Jeter is a great athlete and seems to be a decent guy. Joe Torre is one of the classiest men in the game. Sure A-Rod and Gary Sheffield are questionable, and Judas Damon is a wallet sniffing whore, but on the whole they're not a bad group of guys. To me the Yankees are lot like the Grateful Dead, if it wasn't for their fans you could almost stand them. I for one appreciate having such a tough team as our perennial arch nemesis. Wouldn't it suck if the Brewers were your team's greatest rival?

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