Wednesday, June 28, 2006


23 year old Webster Smith, the first cadet to be court martialed in the history of The US Coast Guard Academy was sentenced to six months in the brig and expelled from the Coast Guard for sexually assaulting a female cadet last year and other violations of the UCMJ.
To get in the USCGA you have to be a pretty sharp kid, so I feel kind of bad to see this young man screw his life up so thoroughly, and then I read this quote:
"I am ashamed to have been the first cadet to be court martialed, but I am proud to have fought for my career and my future".

Webster you have nothing to be proud of, just shut up and go away and pray that somehow you can overcome this screw up before you die.

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Dexter said...

One of the only benefits about being a temp on the Pfizer campus on the Thames in Groton was watching the submarines go by and seeing the three masted training cutter Eagle returning from a voyage. 'a tall ship and a star to steer her by'