Thursday, June 22, 2006

The U.N. Wants Your Guns

I have mocked many a fevered left wing nut job for believing anything as long as it conforms to their world view. Now comes this story that the U.N. plans to take our guns on July 4th. This explains to a large degree why I no longer belong to the NRA. It's bad enough that the MSM is incapable of reporting accurately when it comes to guns, now we have Wayne LaPierre the president of the NRA stirring up this nonsense. I need no excuse to loathe the U.N., as far as I'm concerned they're a bunch of namby pamby kleptocrats who can't find their ass with two hands, a road map and $500 million grant from the U.S. taxpayer. A modicum of common sense would tell you that even if they decided that America needs to be disarmed, how the hell would they accomplish this task? Bangladeshi disarmers? Please, those poor s.o.b.s wouldn't last an hour before getting shot or finding much better jobs driving a cab or owning a convenience store, where, in either profession they would suddenly become ardent supporters of gun rights.

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