Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where's The Joementum?

According to Quinnipiac Senator Joe Lieberman may have a battle on his hands with the single issue wonder kid Needle-nose Ned Lamont. At this point the Lamont has come from behind to a 51-47 lead.
I never thought of Connecticut as a rough place, but in this senate race we have the GOP grandees harpooning their own candidate, Alan Schlesinger and the Dems from top to bottom dumping on poor Joe Lieberman. I can understand why the Dems have fled Lieberman's camp, he had the effrontery to vote his conscience and show some independence of thought which is anathema to liberal group think. Why Republican Governor Jodi Rell and George Gallo, chairman of the state Republicans have fugged up a golden opportunity for the national GOP to benefit from the Dems disarray is beyond me. I wonder if Ken Mehlman Chairman of The National Republican Committee is aware of the Connecticut GOP squabbling.

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