Monday, August 21, 2006

Plan B on Park Road

West Hartford has many places to eat, from $4 bowls of pho at Vietnam on New Britain Ave to $97 appetizers of saffron marinated humming bird tongue in the center. What we needed was a burger joint like East Hartford's Auggie's and Mickey's or Manchester's world famous Shady Glen. Well we sort of got a burger joint now, Plan B on Park street across from Cumbies where that Cypress Arms dive used to be. It's a nice looking, hip place with all sorts of beer, 8 or so on tap 3 times that bottled. They specialize in hamburgers, and from what I had (bacon cheeseburger with caramelized onions) they do a damn fine job. All their burgers are hand formed and ground fresh on the premises and served on real buns. They take burgers seriously here and it shows. Oddly the have lame, skinny, little fries which don't do justice to their burgers. Please get real fries i.e. big fat steak fries. Not curly fries, not spicy fries or skinny McDonalds' fries. No one can do them like McDonalds can, so don't even try. It's not a cheap place, expect your burger to be between $9 and $14 bucks depending how funky you want to get with it. Me, I'm a meat and potatoes guy 8 generations out of county Antrim, but if you want you can get stuff like lobster, tuna, truffles, avocado, fried eggs and such on your burger. It's not Auggie's, but that sort of place probably wouldn't fly here anyway.

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