Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terror In The Skies

I must admit I'm surprised that air travel has been targeted again, you'd think it would be easier for the Wahhabis to pick some less guarded infrastructure to attack. But I guess they want to make the point that they can strike anywhere despite our safeguards, in this case their reach exceeds their grasp. Thank God. If the terrorist had been successful in downing 9 or 10 fully loaded trans Atlantic 747s they could have killed upwards of 3700 people, exceeding the death toll of 911.
What lessons do we draw from this? No new ones if you have been paying attention. I wonder how many Americans want "aggressive and secret initiatives to monitor terrorist groups and suspects, trace their finances, interrogate captured combatants thoroughly and detain combatants as long as necessary?" I keep hearing about erosion of civil liberties but I can't say I've ever seen any. But I probably will in two weeks when I fly again in my own country and I'll have to check all my baggage because some crazy bastards want to kill indiscriminately.

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dolittle said...

I am very anti-checking baggage - I travel light - and by that I mean I travel light NOT I travel light "for a chick". But I'll be happy to check ALL baggage if it means I not going to become human confetti.