Thursday, August 31, 2006

Van Morrison

Born today August 31, 1945 in Belfast Northern Ireland. One of the greatest singer, song writers ever, many of his albums are must haves. Astral Weeks, Moon dance, His Band and The Street Choir, Bang Masters to name a handful. Listen to Gloria and think about how young he was when he did that, same with Astral Weeks. Most 21 year olds are lucky if they know there right from left, never mind writing classic songs and albums.
I saw Van in concert just a few years ago - July 4, 1986 at Greatwoods out in Mansfield Massachusetts. A thousand drunk Southies throwing beer bottles and fireworks. Good times, good times. He was touring to promote his No Guru, No Method, No Teacher album, which I like great deal but most people find it to be one of his B efforts.


Dexter said...
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CultMan said...

Yeah, and I was there too, if you remember.

I am reading the new unauthorized bio of Van the Man while suppposedly taking care of my daughter in Canada -- Indigo/Chapters is THE Canadian Barnes & Noble, but with kids playrooms, real books, yet mysteriously the same leftie Kook workers who hide conservative books in the backshelves, and the indubitable Starbucks "in the backroom" [THEM]).

Good bio, as far as I'm concerned. But I have nuthin' at stake.

Yeah, he was and is great, but 1st hand knowledge of him has repeatedly betrayed him as an insecure, short, a-hole.

El Duderino said...

Yes you were, with the cultsister too and I in the blue Toyota truck. I hate finding out people I like are asshats which is why I'm not a huge fan of the biograph.
As for the leftie kooks in the backroom, show 'em jellyroll. Your backstreet jellyroll.