Monday, September 25, 2006

Common Thrill

My friend from college and his band "Common Thrill" are looking to sign with a record label, small or large. It's a tough row to hoe with all the boy bands and Britney wannabees being the all the rage at the moment. Take a listen to them and let me know what you think.

Be sure to listen to "Like It Is" my current favorite


Chala said...

Don't know who you are--but this is such a very kind thing to do for this band. They really and truly are great. The following article which appeared in the Boston Herald in May 2007 proves you have great taste. Let's hope someone picks them up soon!!

"Common Thrill gets the Radiohead treatment" By Michael Marotta

The Common Thrill had a not-so-common thrill a few years ago, when Radiohead producer Jim Warren agreed to work with the band on its debut self-titled EP.

Now, the Boston-based whiskey-rock quintet with the haunting Morrison-esque vocals is readying to hook up again with Warren. The Common Thrill, which plays the Paradise Lounge on June 8 with Emergency Music and Jealous Girlfriends, is preparing to head back into the studio later this year with Warren for its full-length debut.
Warren's resume includes co-producing 1995's "The Bends," engineering all of the demos from the seminal Radiohead album, and working with Peter Gabriel, Nine Inch Nails and Doves. So far, the Common Thrill has been the lone Boston band to grab his attention.

..> "Our bassist at the time gave our demo to three people, two of which were interested," said Common Thrill singer John Courduvelis of the encounter with Warren. "And we almost worked with one, but instead worked with the other, which turned out to be Jim."

Warren's efforts in 2005 helped the band gain some national attention. Billboard magazine tabbed the Common Thrill as a "band to watch" in 2006, and the band secured a song placement on PBS' "Road Trip Nation." Another track off the EP was slated to run on ABC's "Miracle Workers" but was pulled last-minute as the song didn't fit the show's unexpected plot turn. The band has also received considerable airplay on 'FNX radio.

Now that a few years have passed, the band is eagerly awaiting another dance in the studio and is finalizing late-fall recording dates at Q Division in Somerville. Though band members spent a fortnight with him last time, they are hoping for as many as five weeks under his direction this time around -- of course, once Radiohead is done with his services.

"We were incredibly pleased (with the EP), he knows about songs as well as sounds. (He's) really an amazing talent," Courduvelis said. "I mean, Jim is the only guy I know who can talk back to Thom Yorke, and Trent Reznor for that matter, and have those guys respect him rather than fire him."


Chala said...

You can also go to their myspace pages:

For Johnny, the lead

for the band