Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Katie Couric

I'll offer my opinion on this matter from an admittedly uninformed perspective, I did not and will probably never watch Katie Couric or any other overpaid talking head spew the news on CBS. Why? I find perky and misleading unacceptable accouterments to news delivery. The web is so much better at delivering news that I need to know, i.e. not Suri Cruise. One can read a news story, fact check it, see what others are saying about it and get the other side of the story without commercials or mindless, cheerful banter. Some lament that the day of network news has come and gone. I think that despite the fragmenting influence of multiple news sources, nearly infinite sources help to keep everyone honest.


Dexter said...

What does Katie Couric have to do with the document featured? Is it the liberal media attempting to falsify Bush's outstanding record of military service? Say it isn't so Joe.

As for broadcast news there is still PBS...

CultMan said...

I agree, re: honesty; the well-informed surfer will get everything available - from the i-net. But is that everything?

But for the non-surfers, like my uncles and aunts?

What's the best?

Certainly not PBS unfiltered, yet certainly not ANYTHING else unfiltered.

PBS (WNED is ours right now) still shows some great stuff. But we have witheld our traditional donations, as their view of "history" is so erroneous as regards anything BUT Western History (me, a Masters in History, in the veritably secular/auto-biased U of Toronto can attest)that we kindly decide to donate elsewhere.