Monday, September 04, 2006


Here in Connecticut the Methodist Church runs commercials incessantly on late night TV touting "open hearts, open minds, open doors". I wondered how you can have a church with the specific proviso "open minds". Does that mean they have no specific theology or dogma of their own? If I show up convinced that I am Odin and my car is Sleipnir and demand to be worshipped are their hearts, minds and doors open to that experience? If so where can get one of those helmets with wings on it? To find out what the Methodist believe and hold dear I checked out their website.
They have a section on there web site regarding war, terrorism and justice. It seems they are against two of them and big believers in the United Nations to bring about the third. For awhile I thought they were serious until I read all that UN crap.
Believing that international justice requires the participation of all peoples, we endorse the United Nations and its related bodies and the International Court of Justice as the best instruments now in existence to achieve a world of justice and law.

Fair enough. We all need something to believe in, the Methodists have chosen the UN. Regarding terrorism there is the mandatory genuflection before the alter of causes of terrorism and some other curious items:

(1) examine critically the causes of terrorism, including national and international involvement;
(2) firmly support the United Nations as an agency for conflict resolution and as a viable alternative to resorting to war and/or terrorism;
(3) stand against terrorist acts in the forms of retaliation or capital punishment;
(4) urge the President of the United States to repudiate violence and the killing and victimizing of innocent people;
(5) oppose the use of indiscriminate military force to combat terrorism, especially where the use of such force results in casualties among noncombatant citizens who are not themselves perpetrators of terrorist acts, and urge support of United Nations Resolution 40-61, which addresses international cooperation regarding terrorist acts;
(6) condemn the use of extremist tactics that resort to violence within our own domestic society as an expression of ideological differences, racism, and anti-Semitism;
(7) direct the General Board of Church and Society to formulate a study to show how to deal with acts of terrorism that we face as a society and give direction as to how the church and annual conferences’ leaders and members can and should respond; and
(8) continue to support the U.S. ban on assault rifles, as they are the weapons of choice by individuals and organizations implementing terrorist activities both at home and abroad.

WTF? Animist and Christians are raped, murdered and sold into slavery because of there race and creed everyday in Darfur. Half a mile of sky scraper lies destroyed in lower Manhattan with thousands cremated within them and these dim wits focus on The President and assault rifles? That whirring sound you hear is John Wesley spinning in his grave. If I offend any Methodists out there, I'm sorry it's nothing personal it's just that since Tuesday September 11, 2001 I have very little tolerance for masturbatory bullshit posing as serious thought.

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