Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We Were Warned

This threat assessment by a Military Intelligence analyst of the War Department, the predecessor of today's Defense Intelligence Agency, back in 1946 shows that the West's struggle with militant Islam was well foreseen:
The first of these urges originates within the Moslems' own sphere. The Moslems remember the power with which once they not only ruled their own domains but also overpowered half of Europe, yet they are painfully aware of their present economic, cultural, and military impoverishment. Thus a terrific internal pressure is building up in their collective thinking. The Moslems intend, by any means possible, to regain political independence and to reap the profits of their own resources, which in recent times and up to the present have been surrendered to the exploitation of foreigners who could provide capital investments. The area, in short, has an inferiority complex, and its activities are thus as unpredictable as those of any individual so motivated.

You should, of course, read the whole thing. Thanks to The Corner at NRO online for the link.

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