Monday, October 16, 2006

2006 Election Endorsements

Am I the only one sick to death of all the election advertising and can't wait until the election is over? Here are my endorsements for elective office for 2006:

Jodi Rell, R. Incumbent. She officiated at my nephews wedding and seemed a nice enough lady, John Destefano the Democratic candidate is a tax and spend liberal of the worst sort, he really believes the government can help you. Silly Destefano.
Joe Lieberman, D. Incumbent. Joe used to be the guy I would point too when asked to name a Democrat I respected, then came the 2000 election. Now I may have to vote for him to avoid electing the highly questionable Ned Lamont to the Senate. The GOP hit the sleep alarm on this one, instead of capitalizing on the Dem's internecine drama they put forth an extraordinary weak candidate, sorry Alan you just don't move me.
Scott Maclean, R. Challenger. He will lose to John Larson, D, but anyone has got to be better than Larson, who is just too liberal for my tastes. People I know, who know Larson swear he's a great guy. As for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th districts GOP all the way. I predict that that pinhead Joe Courtney, D. will defeat Rob Simmons, R. incumbent in the 2nd, Rosa Delauro, D. incumbent will defeat Republican challenger Joe Vollano in the 3rd. Chris Shays, R. incumbent will defeat Diane Farrell, D., Nancy Johnson, R. incumbent will handily defeat prevaricator Chris Murphy, D.
Attorney General
Robert Farr, R. Challenger will probably lose to the Nanny in Chief Dick Blumenthal, D. incumbent. Farr is a local attorney and a decent guy. Just last week he closed a loan for my firm and did an admirable job of it.
State House of Representatives
GOP all the way. Here in West Hartford we have three representatives districts 18, 19 and 20. Barbara Carpenter, R. was El Nino's teacher last year did an excellent job teaching the energetic little monster. Andrew Fleischman, D. an incumbent and college buddy of a good friend of mine will win against Republican Judy Aron. In the 20 district Democrat David McClusky runs unopposed.
State Senate
Incumbent Democrat Jonathan Harris will defeat challenger Kimberly Ryder, R. although I will vote for her.

Long story, short version, WMTN endorses a straight GOP platform with the exception of Joe Lieberman for US Senate. I have never voted for a Democrat before and I am loathe to do so now. I will probably vote late, that way if it's a runaway for Lieberman I can just not vote for anyone for Senate.


Anonymous said...

I love the semantically null phrases tossed around like tax and spend disregarding entirely that it is the Republicans that took a record surplus and turned it into a record deficit faster than Mark Foley resigned.

I rememeber Simmons from Uconn Political Science dept, think he was former CIA and excellent teacher.

El Duderino said...

Dexter this is getting old. You tout the economy under Clinton as if he were responsible for it. He wasn’t. The Republican congress was. As for GWB, he is no fiscal conservative that’s for sure, but he never said he was and never ran as such. The economy we enjoy today is amazingly robust, despite the expenditures for security and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If only your boy Bubba had grabbed Osama when the Sudanese offered him back in 1996. As far Foley goes, it takes brass balls for you to bring him up the week they bury Gerry Studds who got caught drilling a teenage page in the ass. Compared to him Foley is a saint or a ne’er do well, take your pick.

Anonymous said...

Robust seems a bit strong and the bill for this deficit will come due after G.W. as was the case for Reagan.
Studds was censured in 1983 for consensual sex in 1973 with a then 17 year old page who was of the age of consent. An abuse of power, absolutely, but not a crime. Foley's hypocrisy is that he was texting minors while championing laws against these exact types of actions, enticing minors. Then having the temerity to blame it on alcohol and being molested by a priest.

CultMan said...

Why would anyone try to defend Foley, period? So "compare & contrast" liberal did this, and Republican so&so did that, and non-citixen Rev. Behind the times did that -- who cares? They are all perverts.

Now I can see "pointing out the enemy who is just as bad as my confrere" in order to stop the back & forth, but really, just let it go, and hopefully they will all be justly rewarded, the pervs.

I'd like to know what that has to do with "the economy, stupid", in more details, 'cause I am concerned about spending under the Bush's.