Thursday, October 12, 2006

El Nino "Studies" at The Library

When did Mad Magazine start accepting advertising? Is nothing sacred? I used to read Mad all the time before I moved on to The National Lampoon, there were even cashiers who wouldn't sell it to me because they thought I was too young. I'd tell them I was buying it for my older brother for his birthday. Oddly enough that almost never worked. Refresh my memory, was Mad always so sappily liberal or is that something new?


Anonymous said...

I though mad was an equal oppurtunity rag. It has been years since i picked up a copy though. Please tell Spy vs. Spy has not changed.

dolittle said...

I used to love Mad magazine - so if Dexter and I were fans chances are it's always been liberal.

Truthfully - I don't recall

CultMan said...

You didn't know it was "liberal"? That was the whole attraction, for me....God I am so frustrated that such a thing could've been missed.

That was the point, El D!