Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Fox Kerkuffle

A few partially hatched thoughts on Michael J. Fox and the Missouri senate race.
  • Fox is Canadian, why doesn't he stump for someone in his own government or are they too busy up there finding ways to be unoffensive?
  • Canada has socialized medicine, didn't Hillary try to make our health care system like theirs? Apparently Fox, being a Canadian, thinks his chances are better down here. What does that tell you about socialized medicine?
  • The science behind stem cell research is not nearly as promising as it's proponents would have you believe. If was such a sure thing, government funding would not be necessary.
  • Some have accused Fox of being off his meds for dramatic effect in the commercial. Others have countered with great alacrity that Jim Caviezel who did a commercial giving the opposing view is not really Jesus. Ignore this claptrap and focus on the issue.
  • People are afflicted with diseases that stem cells may one day relieve. Pluripotent stem cells come from embryos that are just a few days old.
  • Sentient, voting humans may one day be treated with genetic material of insentiant humans that can't speak or vote.
  • If you have pluripotent stem cells in the lab, you took a human life to get them. Ask me when I have Parkinson's Disease, God forbid, and I'll tell you that's a fair trade. If only we could get the consent of the donor.
  • Last and most importantly, Missouri Amendment 2 was written in such away that it sounds like it forbids exactly what it allows. Why is that?

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