Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Who Do They Keep In Prison?

A convicted sex offender, who served time in a federal prison after he was caught soliciting sex from boys over the Internet, was arrested Tuesday after he was caught looking at child pornography on a computer at the main branch of the Hartford Public Library, officials said.

So they put this guy in the federal pen, yet inexplicably he still wants to have sex with children? SO - they let him out and now he's caught at a library doing "inappropriate" activity. What did they think this guy would do? Go away and sin no more? I'm sorry to seem like a hard ass, but if your particular bent is illegal, i.e. sex with children, nothing is going to change that. Nothing. As a society do we we concern ourselves with Mr. Murtagh and his rights or the rights of the innumerable innocent children he would victimize if given the chance? As Helen Lovejoy would say "Won't somebody please think of the children!"

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