Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Can Them, Can Them Now

Yesterday a three year old special needs preschool student was left on his school bus all day when the driver and the the school bus monitor NEGLECTED to notice that he did not get off at school. How many kids do these yahoos pick up? Twenty, thirty at most? I bet the it's more like ten or twelve and TWO adults, one of whom is payed to ensure that things like this don't happen, couldn't make sure that this poor kid got to school safely. They're both lucky it was warm yesterday or their screw up could have been much worse. At the very least these two should be sacked and then made to sit wearing funny hats without food, water or bathroom breaks in an cold school bus for ten hours a day for ten days. Cruel and unusual? You betcha, but it's not so cruel that it's immoral and it's just unusual enough to make a lasting impression.

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