Thursday, November 09, 2006

Justice For Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman was an easy man to admire. After 9/11 he turned his back on the NFL and all that comes with it and enlisted in the Army with his brother Kevin only to be killed in action by friendly fire. The Army and the powers that be have screwed up the investigation, stonewalled and prevaricated to the point that Tillman's parents have no clue how and why their son died.
Pat's gone, nothing will change that. The least we can do for his family is to find out exactly what happened and hold those responsible accountable. I don't want a witch hunt where some gung-ho Ranger E-5 gets a 3 year all expense paid trip to Leavenworth, I want to find out what happened and why. Were there training and command and control errors that allowed this to happen and have they been fixed? "I support the troops" is just lip service as long as nonsense like this goes on.


Anonymous said...

The Arizona Cardinals are having a tribute down here this weekend for Tillman and Veterans Day. People such as the Tillman brothers are what make this country what is and why we enjoy the peaceful exchange of power between political ideologies that we had yesterday.

El Duderino said...

Holy shit! I concur 100% with a Dexter comment.