Saturday, November 04, 2006

something impossible just happened

Yesterday, The NY Times reported that the US government posted on the internet "some documents that weapons experts say are a danger... detailed accounts of Iraq's secret nuclear research before the 1991 Persian Gulf war. The documents, the experts say, constitute a basic guide to building an atom bomb..." The web site is now shut down.

How is this possible? I thought Saddam wasn't a threat - that he had nothing to do with WMDs. I thought President Bush misled us into the war. How could such documents exist? According to the article Saddam's "scientists were on the verge of building an atom bomb, as little as a year away..." How can this be? ... Hmmm... This is a real puzzler!

(I first came across this story via Instapundit. The direct link to the Times story came via a post by Dean Barnett over at Hugh See also Wretchard's commentary over at the Belmont Club.)


Anonymous said...

So he possibly was working on maybe developing nuclear weapons before the FIRST gulf war?...puh-leaze. This is a rational for the current,how does Jon Stewart put it, catastrafuck? How do the degine verge? 10 years away? Iraq would have had this technology before Iran? Iran would have let them?

zaphod said...

Keep spinning, Dexter. He wasn't possibly developing nukes. He WAS working on developing nukes.

As for geopolitical insights, I'll rely on someone other than Jon Stewart.

rocketsbrain said...

The Death Knell of the MEME, 'Bush Lied - People Died!

RBT just posted this piece. I would encourage your readers to spread the word.

BTW I've personally met Iraqi Gen Sada, Saddam's Secrets, at one of his speaking engagements. I believe him to be truthful about what he knows.

See the links to audio/video interviews and presentations by Gen Sada in the piece below.


RBT just linked to this brilliant piece by renowned professor of public policy James Q. Wilson that the MSM is in the tank with the enemy in the GWOT

RBT couldn’t agree more with Professor Wilson!

RBT has been busy all weekend working with Ray Robison, Mark Eichenlaub, and Scott Malensek to break a story that the LL and MSM have been ignoring.

This story has been largely ignored by the MSM until the NYT broke with the story on the IAEA hit piece on Saddam nuclear secrets being revealed on the government’s website.

The realization that President Bush did not lie about Saddam is crucial to securing the continued support and will of the American people to win the GWOT.

This is a story that all Americans need to hear.


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