Thursday, November 23, 2006

To Protect and Serve, When Possible

According to the Hartford Courant a police detective in Bristol was apparently so over loaded with cases that many serious crimes went more or less uninvestigated. Read the story and be thankful that you are the victim of crime in Bristol.
Before I throw the detective, James W. Palmer, under the bus for sloppy work I would suggest that whoever is in charge of the department is just as responsible, if not more so. Either the detective had an unmanageable workload or was incapable of getting it done. Who is answerable when he doesn't? According to Chief of Police John Divenere there was a problem but now it's corrected:
"I don't want anyone thinking this is still going on. It was an aberration," DiVenere said this week. "You had a detective who had some performance issues. A number of supervisors tried to address them. We took internal action, and he retired immediately."

Chief what are you paid to do? In my opinion you and apparently some others were asleep at the helm. Have the sexually assaulted children you swore to protect and serve received justice?This debacle is not the result of one mans actions - no matter how incompetent. Shuffling one man off to pasture doesn't address the whole problem does it?

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