Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Update on The Six Imams

This story from the NYT sheds some more light on the removal of the six Imams from the US Air flight earlier this week, read the whole thing it's pretty short.
I don't doubt that it's tough to be Muslim today in America and I bet it's frustrating to have your intentions questioned all the time. But if I were on that plane with my family and saw what the man who wrote the note saw, I would either get the hell off the plane ASAP or make a major stink. Insensitive? Yeah, but it's well earned insensitivity. I have heard more bellyaching over the Imam's travel vicissitudes from CAIR and the NAACP than over all terror acts committed in recent months by Muslims combined.
I am troubled by the seat belt request. If these men are indeed thin, why the hell did the need seat belt extensions? Is it possible this whole thing is a "dry run" for some other group of six? At this point no one in a position of responsibility can be sure, so they did the right thing by removing the six men, offended sensibilities notwithstanding.

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