Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Why The Government Sucks

There are many reasons WTGS, but today let's focus on this tasty little bit of governmental interference and goodytwoshoeness. According to a story in the Washington Post people in Fairfax county Virginia can no longer feed the homeless from there homes or their church's kitchen unless the county has certified the kitchen whence the food comes. So let's say you and your family are eating a meal of baked chicken, peas & carrots, mashed spuds and gravy - all lovingly prepared by the Mrs. and you see a homeless man in front of your house, if you run him out a plate of what you just ate, you would be breaking the law. Because ONLY THE GOVERNMENT knows how to feed the homeless.
The intent of this law is to prevent food poisoning of the homeless by well meaning dolts who donate last months salmon mousse to the needy. But this particular brick on the road to hell will have the effect of closing down church based soup kitchens and other humanitarian assistance on the assumption that the state can better provide such assistance. Rotsoruck.
It would be easy to crack wise about dumpster buffets and eating cheese off of pizza boxes but I think this story illustrates a fundamental divide between liberals and conservatives. Liberals view it as the government's job to feed the hungry and think it's unfair that the homeless eat less than optimal food. Conservatives view it as their responsibility to feed the homeless and recognize that one of the less than perfect aspects of street living is less than perfect food. In an effort to perfect the imperfectible liberals make a bad situation worse.

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