Friday, December 01, 2006


I just saw a commercial on TV for Hugo Chavez' thumb in the eye low cost heating oil program and guess who the pitchman was? Joseph P. Kennedy II. Is there any leftist's ass a Kennedy won't kiss?
Before you go all weepy on me saying that the program is good for the poor, which it may well be, let me ask you how this would play out if things were a little different. Instead of a left wing nut job with autocratic tendencies and Republican president, let's say it was a right wing wacko providing some other boon to the constituency of a Democratic president's political adversaries. There would be investigations out the kazoo, the press would yammer non stop and the Nancy Pelosae of the world would throw hissy fits of biblical proportions.
As far as Chavez goes, I question the patriotism of any American who trucks with him. If you think he is providing oil at a discount to America's poor out of the kindness of his heart you may need to think again, and again and again.


CultMan said...

Yep, and meanwhile check out this post re: Madame Pelosi-psycho-wing-nut:

Good luck, younger sister of mine in Oakland CA.

Anonymous said...

Withnomalicefornoe, but I may say Wit_ignorance_for_all!

Could you explain WHY local harvested oil is sold by local corporations to the poor at well above normal profit prices????

Why do those corporations profit so intensively from the poor. I don't see particlarly how bad this Chavez program benefits his people, but I defintively think that his play is brillant!

I think you should think again, again and again what you say.

El Duderino said...

Locally “harvested” oil? Are they whaling again in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts?
Please explain to me what you mean by normal profit prices, as if you would know how to price a kumquat.
I'm glad you think a totalitarian, anti-democratic thug is brilliant. Perhaps you can move to Venezuela and ask the genuinely poor, genuinely hungry people there why their president is giving away their oil to relatively affluent people like you.
If you want to continue victimize the poor of Venezuela so that asshole Chavez can thumb the eye of the Bush administration, go on ahead, let your conscience be your guide.
You should think, perhaps for the first time in your life, why JPK II would cozy up to this dictator. You have been bought my simple reader, now at least you know your price.