Thursday, December 14, 2006

Big Drug Companies

Over at instapundit there is some chatter about the life saving work of big pharmaceutical companies, as Glenn would say, indeed. I was filling a prescription for one of the ninos the other day and looking at all the drugs behind the counter I remarked that there was probably more important technology and know-how in a pharmacy than any other building in town. The pharmacist, who has been in the drug biz quite awhile, agreed and added that most of the drugs she prescribes these days weren't even invented when she started 25 years ago. Now it might be fun to crack wise about peter pills et al, but I'm sure for those who need them they are nothing less than miraculous. Another, probably unforeseen, side effect is that drugs like Viagra have replaced traditional treatments for impotence which has cut worldwide demand for such things as rhinoceros horn.

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