Thursday, December 07, 2006

Three Strikes

This yahoo, Maurice Brackett, accidentally shot himself in the gourd while running away from the police. He was shooting at the police while he fled on foot after wrecking his car, but being a screw up, he only nicked himself. Why Brackett is on the street is beyond me. In 2002 he shot up a car full of people over a parking dispute and prior to that he was arrested for running a drug factory and numerous other drug charges. Bleeding hearts always whine over stringent three strikes and your out sentencing laws and to be fair they sometimes have a point in the case of non violent criminals. Brackett is absolutely the sort of guy who belongs behind bars pretty much for the rest of his life. Can you imagine how many crimes great and small will be prevented by this man's incarceration and isn't that why we have prisons?

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