Sunday, December 03, 2006

Yet More on The Six Imams

Please read these links from Pajamas media regarding the six imams. The first link is to the actual police reports , the second is from an eye witness. Read them make your own opinion.
These men are the very least complicit in terrorism and should be made to answer for their behavior. This is not a religious tolerance issue as they would have you believe. Rather they wanted to see if someone would make a stink if they acted like the 9/11 terrorists and then attribute any negative attention to Islamophobia. From their perspective they couldn't loose. Either they got by security (which is good to know) or they got to piss and moan to the national media about how America mistreats Muslims.

UPDATE: Muslims seek prayer rooms at US airports. Call me a cynic, but giving Muslims prayer rooms in airports would be like giving a fox a room in the hen house - nothing good will come of it. Is this a part of the imams agenda?

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ScottJ said...

... or NAMBLA offices inside elementray schools.

Not necessary anyway as there are typically multi faith chapels in many large airports anyway...