Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Well I finally got off my big butt and went to see Apocalypto. My first impression is that it's an extremely well done, audacious film. The actors, none of whom you've seen before, were outstanding, the costuming even better. There are three things I love in a movie, quality of production, unpredictability and transportation to a world or viewpoint you don't normally see. Apocalypto is a strong 3 for 3 on all counts.

I have a high tolerance for gore so I was undeterred by complaints that this film is far too violent, but I don't think this film is any more violent than it needs to be, after all it is about Aztec human sacrifice. What a world that must have been. Thanks to Mel Gibson's audacious film we get a much better than average look at what it may have looked like.

Not for everybody, but if you have any interest in the subject I would make a point of seeing it.

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