Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gay Bishop Gene Robinson

Gays Belong In The Church
Let me start by stating that I believe that homosexuals, like everybody else, have a place within the church - by church I refer to orthodox Christianity of any denomination. I have often heard that ideally churches should be hospitals for the sick of spirit, not country clubs for the saved. Viewed this way we all have a place in there somewhere.
The Wrong Man
My problem with Gene Robinson is that he is the wrong man, at the wrong time, saying and doing the wrong things.
He was a married man and father of two who left his wife of 13 years for another. The fact that the other is a man is irrelevant, for the moment. Then there are the little scandals. Some of which are probably a bit unfair, such as when a parishioner made allegations of sexual harassment against Robinson. Then there was a web site associated with Robinson that had links to pornography and finally his recent treatment for alcoholism. Let's for a moment forget all the turmoil within the Anglican Communion and the fact that Robinson is Gay. Is this the best man to serve as bishop?
You Can't Serve Two Masters
When you look at who Robinson is and the effect he has had on his church you wonder who is being served. It certainly is not the interests of his flock as a whole.
One might say that it is high time Christianity reconciled itself with the issue of gays within the church, like with slavery, civil rights and the rights of the unborn. True enough, to an extent. The bottom line is that from Orthodox, Catholic or Biblical perspective the teachings on homosexual ACTIVITY is pretty clear. They are against it. Is this fair? That's not for me to say. Robinson and his supporters act as if this were some minor Levitican technicality to be ignored, like refraining from eating shell fish. They view this conflict as if Christianity needs to conform to them, not the other way around.
I like to fly fish for trout. But if it said somewhere in the Bible and 2000 years of Western tradition and Church teaching that God abhors it when a man pesters a trout, I would have to rethink my ACTIVITIES.
High Standards, Humility
Call me demanding, but I think a man charged with the religious and ethical teaching of others should be somewhat of an example to follow, which is why we are all so disappointed when clergy fail us. It seems to me that if a man were appointed to a position of authority and for whatever reason his appointment detracted from overall mission of his appointment, that person in all humility should step aside. Sadly this won't ever happen. Read this story about Robinson in The Hartford Courant, somehow despite everything else in the world this debacle remains all about him - a position he seems disinclined to part with.

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