Friday, January 12, 2007

Iraq, Iran and Syria

I am of two minds on our new Iraq policy. Primarily, I'm glad that we haven't cut & run, at least for the moment, but I am rather peeved that heretofore we've been doing anything less than all we can do. Call it sentimentality, but I think you owe it to those fighting, bleeding and dying to give it everything you have from day one, politically, diplomatically, strategically and tactically. I hope we go full Roman from here on out.

It amuses me that you have all these talking heads calling for talks with direct dialogue with Iran and Syria. What do you think they will say? "Yeah, sorry about all that funding, arming aiding and abetting of insurgents. Even though we hate you and all you stand for we'll won't do that so much anymore. We promise." Be serious. Cry havoc and slip the B-2 Spirits. Several dozen strategically placed air strikes on key elements of infrastructure and insurgent training camps will say to Iran and Syria all we need to say.

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