Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Movie Review: Children of Men

This is a very strong effort with a whole bunch of stuff going on in it. Children of Men is set in the not too distant future in a Britain that has been reduced to a police state. As messed up as it is, this Britain seems to be one of the few functioning societies left in the world. Illegal immigrants pour in from fractured poleis everywhere where they're just as quickly gathered up into brutal detention camps. Terrorism is rampant, media everywhere reminds the populace to be aware and inform, paranoia is high. On top of all this no woman has given birth in 18 years. With all this going on, it's hard to say what this movie is about. What is clear, however, is that without children there isn't much point in anything for too long.

A movie this somber and dystopian must have a message. There's probably several, but the main one and the one to take home with you is that as mankind ages and dies without hope of renewal, you can expect the shit to hit the fan in every way imaginable. When hope of renewal is rekindled - even in the most humble and meager way imaginable, all things seem possible again.

Clive Owen is the main protagonist and he's pretty damn good, understated and believable. Julianne Moore and Michael Caine have small interesting roles, which they inhabit admirably. The rest of the cast is pretty much unknown - at least to me, but excellent nonetheless.

Everybody and his Uncle Vanya seems to use hand held cameras these days. Here this technique adds to the abundant gritty realism, but enough already. I saw this film in one of those Ginormo stadium theatres and all the bouncing nearly made me lose my popcorn. Still the sound and the imagery was transporting. See if you can find the Pink Floyd album cover.

Much better than your average Hollywood flick and probably memorable. Go and see it if you have any interest.

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Dexter said...

I like Clive. He has had some good movies of late with Sin City (he should be back for sequel) and another one I caught on cable, The Croupier. I even liked him in Closer.