Thursday, January 25, 2007


It turns out that the Barack Obama madrassa story is pretty shaky. Now comes the story that the man isn't "Black" enough.
The madrassa meme allegedly came from the Clinton camp so it won't surprise me a bit to find out that this not Black enough thing originates there as well. Baseball has it's Ruth, painting it's Caravaggio and the politics of personal destruction has the Clintons. Look for these memes to start floating around:
  • Obama cruel to animals. It will be alleged that as a 4 year old he would play his cat like bagpipe.
  • Obama unfair to labor. A story will come out that Obama is a lousy tipper, spills a lot and leaves lots of crumbs.
  • Obama unfair to women. A breathless expose will report that not one of Obama's children were carried to term inside his body, in fact he forced his wife to endure all the family pregnancies.
  • Obama really a closet Republican! HRC camp will suggest that while in eighth grade Obama's favorite president was Abraham Lincoln - a dead , white, male REPUBLICAN.
  • Obama avoids the fat and lazy! Would you vote for a man who prefers well read, fit people who don't watch daytime TV or professional wrestling? No. Well don't vote for Obama, all his friends are not obese and read books. For FUN!!! He's obviously out of touch with mainstream America.

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Dexter said...

Lets talk personal destruction... How about McCain running for Rep. nomination in South Carolina and the attack dogs the uber-right called out about his adopted "black" child?Swift Boats against Kerry? Willie Horton? THe Clintons methods under Carville were a response to a pre-existing strategy and tactics by the right.

Republicans are just as if not more despicable in this arena. Move on.