Monday, February 26, 2007

Murder, Suicide in Enfield Connecticut

An 81 year Enfield man killed his two disabled, adult children, his wife and then himself. Apparently he had health problems and was afraid that his elderly wife and disabled children would be a burden to others. The 81 year man, Richard C. Brown, seemed to be a good man, he sat on the boards of at least two advocacy groups for the retarded and was described as very intelligent and a selfless advocate for people with disabilities. What causes a man like that to do something like this? Depression, hopelessness, all or nothing thinking???? I don't know a thing about Brown other than what I've read in the paper, but I feel for the man and his murdered family. I know, feeling for him does him a great deal of good at this point doesn't it?
When I was in college I would interview with anybody that would meet with me on campus. I had three interviews with a prominent local life insurance company whose owner told me a story about one his recent sales.
There was this couple that were working themselves to death. The husband and father had three jobs and the mother had two. The were busting their asses to keep their adult, mentally retarded daughter in this private care facility where she was thriving. This couple was in their fifties and could afford the home while they were working, but were scrambling for when they could no longer work multiple jobs because they didn't want her stashed in a state home. The insurance guy sold them policy that from that moment forward would take care of the daughter no matter what and the couple no longer needed to work additional jobs. He said both of them were in tears at the signing because they felt like the weight of the world was taken from their shoulders. Too bad there was no such magic policy for the Brown family.

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