Friday, February 16, 2007

Nothing Better To Do In North Dakota

The North Dakota state legislature rejected a bill honoring U2's omnipresent front man and social justice gadfly, Bono. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Scot Kelsh who evidently has solved every problem in North Dakota prior to embarking on this Quixotic quest. Kelsh is, of course, a democrat whose affinity for meaningless, feel good, photo op legislation knows no bounds.

I like Bono and I am impressed how he uses his celebrity. On a scale of one to ten, where one is a Michael Jackson who uses his fame to lure boys to his petting zoo and ten is West Hartford's own Manute Bol, who went broke helping his native Sudan, Bono has got to be a nine. I'd suggest to Bono that unhindered free trade would do far more for poor countries than any amount of debt relief, but his intentions, if not his economics, are well placed.
8900 people in North Dakota attempt to break the snow angel record. FYI that's almost 1.4 % of it's entire population, you have to admire that amount of unity.

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