Monday, February 05, 2007

Vote on Iraq

I am saddened, saddened and deeply concerned about a potential toothless vote in the Senate vis-à-vis the situation in Iraq. I joke of course, only Tom Daschle and/or a capon speaks in terms of being saddened and concerned. A better description would be disgusted and enraged at the poltroonery on display in Washington. No matter where you stand on the war, have the balls to risk your lousy political career for your convictions - it's the least you can do considering that good men are dying nearly everyday in a cause you either support or view as futile.

It's no secret that I support the war. If you oppose it, do everything you can to end it. Vote down continued funding, go on a hunger strike, pour honey on yourself and roll in a fire ant nest, whatever it takes, but don't posture. The only people who will benefit from what amounts to a "no confidence" vote are the insurgents and their supporters. True, a few weasely pols might be able to glide down both sides of the street back into office, but do we need men/women like this in government?

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Dexter said...

Are there any other kind in government?