Wednesday, March 07, 2007

America, Britain, TV and The Queen

From Spiked, you should read the whole thing, it's pretty funny.:
When Americans hear the words ‘the Queen’, they evidently don’t think of the Queen of the Netherlands, the Queen of Denmark, the Queen of Sheeba, or, indeed, the football clubs Queen of the South and Queen’s Park Rangers or the rock band, Queen. To Americans, it is shorthand for the Queen of England, and Great Britain.
We always do that, unless Richard Simmons is in the room. He can get testy if he feels his turf infringed upon. A note about Richard Simmons, oddly enough I like and respect the man. Like William Shatner, he is ridiculous and knows it and isn't afraid of making fun of himself. Unlike Shatner, he seems sincere in his desire to help the chubby slim down, whether or not he is actually sincere I'll never know, but if he's faking he does a good job of it. Can you name someone who made as much money with so little talent? Hat's off to you Richard Simmons!

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