Sunday, March 25, 2007

Greenpeace in Egypt

Our problems in the Middle East are over, Greenpeace is on the job:
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (AFP) - Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior has dropped anchor in Egypt's Mediterranean port of Alexandria to deliver an unequivocal message against nuclear programmes -- civilian and military -- to a region suddenly hungry for atomic power.
The famous Greenpeace ship, which has sailed the world in support of the environmental group's anti-nuclear crusade, was earlier prevented from entering Iranian territorial waters and later plans to head for Israel.
"We were well received here," said ship captain Mike Fincken from the vessel's berth in Alexandria's western harbour. "At least we were allowed to deliver our message."

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joe-6-pack said...

Hey man, I was wondering what happened to Tommy Chong after "That 70's Show" ended.